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Send us your submissions via email here or via fax at 201-797-1076. Be sure to include a copy of your current workers comp policy, three years currently valued loss runs (if applicable), and a narrative describing the business operations. Once received and submitted, we will also need a copy of the latest State Unemployment Tax Account Report (past 4 quarters if possible). Turnaround time is approximately 48 hours provided we receive a complete submission. It may seem like a lot, but there is a lot to gain too. Please see below for an explanation of what we offer.


   What is a PEO?

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) allows a client company to cost effectively outsource the management of payroll, human resources, workers compensation and, in some cases, employee benefits. The PEO becomes the "Employer of Record" for payroll, taxes and workers compensation coverage. The client company retains control of the workplace, company policy and the product or service they provide to their customers. The PEO client is free to focus on growing their business, increasing profits and taking care of their client's needs while the PEO deals with the IRS, State Departments of Labor and workers compensation claims, fraud, audits and other government compliance issues.
   What type of accounts we can write

Transportation (ALL kinds), Construction, Manufacturing, Warehousing, Staffing, Sand and Gravel, Concrete, High Mod, Multi State, New Ventures, Current PEO Clients
   PEO Markets

We provide markets for high risk, high mod, hard to place business and eliminate the need to be placed in the assigned risk plan. We work with every top PEO in the country with many years experience in the industry. They have their workers comp coverage with A rated insurance carriers who are licensed and admitted in every state in which they do business. Each PEO has its own niche and we match each client with the PEO that will best suit their individual needs. We deal with the owners and principals of the PEO markets so servicing issues or special needs are quickly addressed and resolved.
   Specific Services

From basic payroll and workers comp with very little HR support to much higher levels of service such as running MVRs, background checks, building the entire DOT file, customizing employee handbooks and administering employee benefit plans.
   PEO vs. Traditional WC

Added benefits of the PEO: Provide complete payroll administration, fight your unemployment claims, care more about the outcome of a claim than even the client, more to lose by the payment of a fraudulent claim than even the client, no deposit required, no year end audit and no additional premiums, up-to-date expertise on screening, hiring, firing and supervising employees, calculated premium on overall company picture not just rate times mod, could save you 15% to 25% of current market pricing, improve your cash flow with a "pay as you go" plan
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